Strategic Innovation

The global economy continues to aggressively push for advancements in the research, development, and marketing of innovative technologies. Global procurement demand for such advancements in industry, education, security, government, and financial sectors has catapulted the importance of intellectual property in driving the growth of the knowledge economy to unprecedented levels.

M·CAM DOORS™ is the gold-standard patent risk management and analysis tool for determining the unique commercial opportunities and threats of patents issued, and applied for, in the United States and around the world. Using proprietary heuristics to review patents from a statutory and commercial application perspective, M·CAM® has leveraged computational information retrieval and analysis to differentiate counterfeit innovation from the real thing.


Commercialization underwriting analysis and workshop, produced from a merchant banking perspective, that delineates merger & acquisition options, identifies funding sources for worldwide markets, including sovereign funds, and discloses the state of the targeted technology’s global development and deployment. Pricing for this product ranges depending on scope and ongoing ownership rights to the output.

Commercialization underwriting analysis and workshop on targeted innovation assets that identifies technology commercialization partnerships, customer and vendor relationships, and open innovation options. Pricing for this product ranges depending on the scope of the project.

One-day in-service workshop, at M∙CAM® headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia or other mutually agreeable location, to review targeted innovation assets and provide information on innovation strategy and commercialization, as well as market access options. Pricing for this product ranges depending on the scope of the innovation space.


When most people consider the patent system, they often think of a structure in which large corporations make money selling products based on proprietary knowledge, licensing the technology to others, or suing others who infringe on the patent rights behind their most cutting-edge products. In recent years, the importance of patents and intellectual property rights as an important variable in the marketplace has come to the forefront of the public consciousness as world leaders declare their country’s lead in the innovation race. In the market, knowledge is power.

All Patents Considered™ is a free information service of M·CAM® that allows members of the public to submit patents for review. Using our intent based communication analysis tools and extensive databases of patent and non-patent literature, we will bring unsurpassed visibility into the actual “novelty” and “non-obviousness” of patents submitted for review.

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This form of Patently Obvious Report focuses on frivolous lawsuits around the country, most specifically in the Eastern District of Texas. The lawsuits mentioned in our report perpetuate a parasitic business model. Using our underwriting system we do the proper diligence to indentify the un-cited prior art with respect to patents asserted in the specific cases.

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M·CAM® developed the Technology and Vendor Qualification Programs™ to assist professionals involved in procurement efforts to acquire specific technologies for their organizations. The products provide critical assessment information on the validity of the proposed technology to be procured vis-á-vis the state-of-the-art within a specific technology sector. M·CAM® Vendor Verification Certifications™ provide clients with an ability to verify whether or not a vendor/supplier of a technology actually has the legal right to the technology being procured.

M·CAM® has the security experience and data resources to provide all firms, including professional security and business intelligence firms, with a competitive advantage in the protection of client intellectual property, related trade secrets, corporate privacy and strategy positions, and traditional unauthorized proliferation of corporate knowledge assets.

Competitive Intelligence / Investment Research - Whether you're responsible for buy-side investments or your company's competitive intelligence (CI) initiatives, M·CAM®'s CI solution tells you who's patenting what and how strong the position is for individual patents or for the company's entire patent portfolio.