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Jue, 09/16/2010 Chairman of the Economic Policy Standing Committee of the Parliament extends his support to M-ICP initiatives M-ICP
Mié, 09/15/2010 Scientific researcher finds M-ICP business model as much needed service in Mongolia M-ICP
Mié, 09/15/2010 CEO meets with Parliament member M-ICP
Lun, 09/13/2010 Global Innovation Commons News in Mongolian M-ICP
Vie, 09/10/2010 M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious™ on the Intellectual Property of Rockwell Collins and the Proposed Permanent R&E Tax Credit Extension
Vie, 09/10/2010 G.I.C. Challenge: Arkhangai Cold Storage M-ICP
Vie, 09/10/2010 CEO meets with Mr. Trevor Siddali of Oyu Tolgoi M-ICP
Jue, 09/09/2010 Deputy Chairman of the National Development and Innovation Committee welcomes M-ICP initiative M-ICP
Mié, 09/08/2010 M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious™ on the Intellectual Property behind Sanofi-Aventis' proposed acquisition of Genzyme
Mié, 09/08/2010 M-ICP and the Mongolian Bankers Association agreed to organize a joint workshop on Innovation Financing M-ICP
Mar, 09/07/2010 High-tech specialist appreciates for M-ICP initiative and willing to cooperate with M-ICP for development M-ICP
Mar, 09/07/2010 M-ICP CEO meets with Mr. Khurelsukh Nyamgarav, Advisor to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia M-ICP
Lun, 09/06/2010 M-ICP CEO meets with Vice President of the Institute of Finance and Economics M-ICP
Vie, 09/03/2010 M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious™ on the Intellectual Property behind Dell v. Hewlett-Packard Bidding War for 3PAR, Inc.
Jue, 09/02/2010 M-ICP CEO was invited to join the Science-Industry-Business Team M-ICP
Mié, 09/01/2010 Meeting on TCO and Vendor Qualification at MOF M-ICP
Mié, 09/01/2010 XAC Bank and M-ICP agreed to pilot Intangible asset-backed collateral enhancement program M-ICP
Mar, 08/31/2010 M-ICP CEO accepts the Invitation of NDIC M-ICP
Mar, 08/31/2010 President's Office supports M-ICP Initiative M-ICP
Mar, 08/31/2010 M- ICP CEO meets with one of Top Innovator-engineer of Mongolia M-ICP
Lun, 08/30/2010 CEO meets with Economic Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia M-ICP
Vie, 08/27/2010 M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious™ on Jones Soda Company's Customized Branded Merchandise Patents Referenced in Quark Images LLC v. Adidas AG et. al. Lawsuit
Vie, 08/27/2010 Mongolian Academy of Sciences and M-ICP agreed to cooperate for Innovation M-ICP
Vie, 08/27/2010 Mongolian National Business Incubator Federation appreciates and extends its support for M-ICP initiative M-ICP
Jue, 08/26/2010 KEY HIV/AIDS DRUG PATENTS CHALLENGED BY PUBPAT: New Prior Art Proves Eight Abbott Laboratories Patents on Ritonavir are Undeserved
Mié, 08/25/2010 New Business Partnership with HASU M-ICP
Mié, 08/25/2010 M-ICP Founding CEO in Face2Face MNTV Talk Show M-ICP
Mar, 08/24/2010 M-ICP and M·CAM partnership in Mongolia media M-ICP
Lun, 08/23/2010 M-ICP, ECRC, EBI Think Tank and BTIC formed an Open Alliance M-ICP
Vie, 08/20/2010 M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious™ Best Medical International Inc.'s Radiation Beam Modulator Patent Referenced in Lawsuit with Accuray Corp.
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