M·CAM® Capital Markets

M•CAM® Capital Markets is a global investment bank that advises corporations and investors on corporate finance and asset allocation by underwriting intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA). From its roots in providing financial products enabling lenders to use IP and IA as regulatory acceptable collateral for lending, M•CAM®’s capital solutions address the financial needs of businesses and investors in the Knowledge Economy.

M•CAM® has been providing capital markets solutions to financial, sovereign, and corporate institutions since it’s inception in 1998. We work in over 160 countries. In addition to our commercial use across the global equity and debt markets, our platform has placed us as an advisor to help to set regulatory, audit, compliance and risk standards for certain intangible assets both domestically and internationally for entities such as:

•U.S. Treasury Department’s Internal Revenue Service
•U.S. and European Patent Offices
•The Financial Accounting Standards Board
•Lloyd’s of London
•Dubai International Financial Exchange

M•CAM®’s systems have been employed to identify and manage global market intangible assets by many of the world’s leading corporations, presidential and cabinet level ministers, money center banks, government regulators and institutions such as the World Bank and International Finance Corporation.

Your interaction with M•CAM® will depend on the markets in which you operate:

If you are a bank or credit provider, M•CAM® can offer a variety of innovative capital solutions including intangible asset-backed collateral enhancements. These products provide you an independent confidence that secondary markets exist and are accessible should intangible asset collateral require liquidation. For your own balance sheet or reserve capital management, our analytic and actuarial expertise can allow you to reassess credit risk for borrowers who have non-traditional assets supporting their businesses.

If you are a business, M•CAM® can offer internal strategy and external market assessment, research and development planning, acquisition or partnership due diligence, and asset monetization transaction management and support.

If you are an entrepreneur, M•CAM® offers pre-enterprise diligence services unrivaled in the global marketplace. Using finance, risk transfer and insurance, and strategic vendor alignment, M•CAM can offer capitalization solutions that are unique and can significantly reduce your cost of capital.

If you are a municipality or government, M•CAM®'s Sovereign Technology Credit Obligation™ or STCO™ can provide large-scale project financing which is optimized to allow for "always on" technology integration so efficiency does not have to be compromised when obsolescence creates more desirable solutions.

If you are an insurance company, M•CAM® has supported the underwriting of the longest-running intellectual property insurance company in the global market. Our actuarial and underwriting platforms can be used for offensive, defensive and contractual representation and warranty coverage products.