M·CAM® and its progenitor, Mosaic Technologies, Inc. developed and deployed sophisticated unstructured data capture, dynamic analyte rendering, analysis, and actuarial-modeling systems to enable regulated financial institutions and government agencies to assess asymmetric economic and intelligence risks. This suite of code, content, and visualization technology is organized under M·CAM®'s operating division, M·USE™. Leveraging advanced data-capture and rendering technologies derived from intent-based communication modeling, high degrees of content uploading and updating capabilities are enabled. These include:

  • rapid detection of perturbations in existing "known analyte" collections;
  • real-time latent network association identification;
  • multi-modal, multi-lingual, multi-format real-time data association and rendering;
  • intent-based collection targeting; and,
  • intent-based analysis and actuarial planning.

This unique technology also affords a number of other highly beneficial opportunities. Most notable among these is the ability to approach the area of traditional language translation in a manner which addresses the most challenging issue facing translators: how to deal with the "meaning" of expressions when the literal word-to-word translation is awkward or entirely misses the point. Using a linguistic genomic algorithm, M·USE™ technology allows a user to input data of any conventional language into a query and have an output that is in a specified alternative language where the intent conveyed in the communication is more accurate than a literal translation effort.

Branding & Corporate Messaging

Using the Projection, Reflection, Prism methodology in which we take messages and expose them to a universe of unstructured data (marketing, financial, innovation, consumer, etc) we find who is really competing for your customers’ purchases. In instances where there are higher value opportunities being annexed by others, we understand how to align products and messages to reclaim what others are extracting. This process involves a one day workshop in which we facilitate messaging signals around core products or segments.

Derived from the Epiphany™ process, we would refine a definition of the true market or markets into which products, messages or business partnerships would optimize value enhancement. Rather than focusing exclusively on brand equity optimization, Helix™ provides a detailed tactical map of where value and profitable business is flowing and how to control key segments of that value chain.

Odyssey™ is the final step of full life cycle execution of the Epiphany™ and Helix™ strategies and tactics. In this final class of services, we partner with our client to execute on ecosystem maximization (product and message optimization, partner/collaborator identification and engagement, and, when applicable, financial and business optimization).