M·CAM, Inc. releases Patently Obvious® on Google’s Motorola Mobility Patent Acquisition

Thu, 2011-08-25

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - August 25, 2011 - M·CAM, Inc. released its Patently Obvious® report today on Google’s Motorola Mobility Patent Acquisition

Motorola Mobility has a substantial quantity of uncited precedent innovation that could affect the quality of its intellectual property assets, with nine of the eighteen “stars of the portfolio” patents asserted against Apple last year appearing to be impaired. It is apparent that Google’s purchase relies on quantity over quality for its justification, as only half of their stars have much substance.

M·CAM's Patently Obvious® is a weekly report providing visibility into potentially unconsidered alternatives, including art in the public domain, to patent holdings across a variety of technology areas.

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The M·CAM Patently Obvious® report on the Google’s Motorola Mobility Patent Acquisition can be found HERE.