Our Story

Innovation is the one, fundamentally human impulse, that is shared by us all regardless of race, culture, gender, geography, or class. When we are confronted with a situation that is unacceptable or suboptimal a primal response is to change. Sometimes that change is isolated to an individual or event. Sometimes change happens at scale for many. Societies have developed a number of means to bring order to innovation – from governments granting rights to tangible and intangible resources and ideas to banks using intangible assets as collateral to prizes awarded to the “Top Innovators” of a time or place.

Recognizing innovation is at the core of every commercial value proposition and realizing that the lack of transparency and accountability in its use, M·CAM® has forged a globally unique business model that aligns innovation with ethical value exchanges. This means that banks can actually use intangible assets as regulatory capital qualified collateral reducing the cost of finance. This means companies can use intangible assets as financeable assets in credit and commercial markets. This means innovators can access capital to develop and build businesses. This means communities with heritable knowledge can participate in the ethical use of their wisdom traditions.

This sounds great, but let’s face it – the last few hundred years of government and corporate bureaucracy have built some rather elaborate systems which have created barriers to equal access to these lofty goals. Built on the global technology transfer foundation of Mosaic Technologies’ market experience, Mosaic Collateral Asset Management – M·CAM® – has created the global standard in ethical use of, and the equivalent access to intangible assets in the finance and corporate marketplace.

Along the way, we developed the world’s first and only regulatory-acceptable intangible asset collateral instrument to provide regulatory capital relief for banks and lower credit costs to borrowers.

Along the way, we developed structured finance solutions which embrace innovation and obsolescence so that large scale infrastructure and civil society projects can use public funds more efficiently. Realizing that public expenditures are made across the globe, we’ve integrated sovereign technology credit obligations and trade credit offsets to form the most efficient and accountable investment products.

Along the way, we developed the only government-recognized and used (both for Congress and the U.S. Treasury) technology platform to audit patent and intangible asset quality and market enforceability. We are reminded of President Garfield’s quote from 1880, “I am an advocate for paper money, but that paper money must represent what it professes on its face. I do not wish to hold in my hands the printed lies of the government.” Well, President Garfield (and all of us) can rest easy because we find the counterfeit innovation and get it out of circulation.

Along the way, we M·CAM®’d ourselves and innovated a variety of products and services that allow businesses, schools, governments and individuals a means of using the Global Innovation Commons and our unstructured intent-based communications analysis systems to gain unprecedented visibility and actionable intelligence to insure that effective, legitimate innovation gets deployed to benefit all of us.