The Scouts are Out: Intellectual Property Analysis of Helferich Patent Licensing, LLC v. CBS Corporation

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Mon, 2011-11-21

Though they’re a continually growing nuisance in the technology sector, patent trolls are always testing the waters of new markets, and are especially drawn to patent-deficient ones. Consequently, patent trolls have been venturing into the field of big media, asserting their characteristically vague technology patents against news outlets like the New York Times, Bloomberg, and CBS – all of which seem relatively “patent-less” when compared to their patent hoarding counterparts in the technology world.

Will these lawsuits prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for patent trolls, or are these scouts treading on dangerous ground, where their activities not only backfire on them, but on the patent system that perpetuates these endeavors?

Read on as we lay out a tale of patent trolls in the media...


Have you seen a troll yet this year?
Speckled, short, inciting fear?
We’ve heard them described as non-practicing entities
But we know “patent troll” is their proper identity.

Technology, it seems, is their favorite sector
The bones they pick, like Hannibal Lecter.
Big tech has had to make sacrifice
Of legal settlements at extravagant price.

The trolls have grown fat from the tolls they’ve collected
They proclaim, “Innovation – it must be protected!”
Though to make or create, they have no intention
Only hopes to profit off other’s creations.
And now they look for new bridges to block
Scouting for more victims whose stocks they can shock.



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