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M•CAM® is a global financial institution that advises corporations and investors on corporate finance and asset allocation by underwriting intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA). From its roots in providing financial products enabling lenders to use IP and IA as regulatory acceptable collateral for lending, M•CAM’s capital solutions address the financial needs of businesses and investors in the Knowledge Economy.

M•CAM® has been providing capital markets solutions to financial, sovereign, and corporate institutions since it’s inception in 1998. We work in over 160 countries. In addition to our commercial use across the global equity and debt markets, our platform has placed us as an advisor to help to set regulatory, audit, compliance and risk standards for intangible assets both domestically and internationally.

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The European IPR Helpdesk Bulletin, Issue No. 12 (January-March) 2014, features M·CAM's CAPP(tm) program. Martin Brassel, CEO of Inngot writes, "In October 2013, the UK Intellectual Property Office published the first detailed examination of the relationship between IP and business funding in Great Britain. It is currently in consultation with financiers and industry bodies to formulate its response and determine how to take forward the recommendations of the Banking on IP?

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